Old Brandy XO 38 %

This Old Brandy XO is blended from different wine distillations and then aged up for partly over 5 years in oak barrels. During this careful process our Old Brandy XO obtains its golden color, well balanced taste and full bouquet.

Ingredients: Old Brandy XO*.

(* from organic farming)

Coffee Cream 20 %

Coffee-essence, manufactured in an old masterly tradition, organic eggs and whole cane sugar are carefully mixed to this liqueur with voluptuous texture and a rich coffee taste. A hint of bourbon vanilla refines this delicacy. Enjoy it pure, with coffee or “on the rocks”.

Ingredients: whole cane sugar*°, water, wheat distillate*, yolk*, egg white*, coffee-essence*°, vanilla-essence*°.

(* from organic farming)                                 (° fairly traded)

German Schnapps 32 %

In a perfected distillation process organic wheat is refined to a smooth and clear distillate. This absolute pure spirit is produced in a masterly tradition and is characterized by a gentle wheat flavour and outstanding smoothness.

Ingredients: water, wheat distillate*.

(* from organic farming)

Chocolate Cream 20 %

Fairly traded premium cocoa and unrefined whole cane sugar are the basis for this rich and chocolaty cream liqueur. In a gently manufacturing process we create a chocolate mélange of smooth texture. A delicacy by itself, in combination with desserts or mixed with coffee.

Ingredients: water, whole cane sugar*°, wheat alcohol*, yolk*, cacao*°, egg white*, vanilla-essence*°.

(* from organic farming)                                 (° fairly traded)

Amaro - Herbal Liqueur 30 %

This aromatic herbal liqueur is made from carefully selected herbs and roots. Hand-peeled orange and lemon zests from organic citriculture give it its unrivalled taste. Enjoy this fresh and fruity liqueur pure, “on the rocks”, with a splash of lemon or as a long drink.

Ingredients: Water, sugar*, wheat alcohol*, herbal extract*, bitter orange-essence*, orange-essence*, caramel*, lemon-essence*.

                                (* from organic farming)

Orange Liqueur 40 %

Pure organic wine distillates and the bittersweet flavour of Mediterranean bitter oranges give this exquisite liqueur its distinctive taste. A versatile delicacy which can be enjoyed as an aperitif, a digestive and cooking ingredient.

Ingredients: wine distillate*, sugar*, water*, orange distillate, caramel*.

(* from organic farming)

Coffee Liqueur 20 %

The distinctive scent of carefully selected, fresh roasted Arabic coffee-beans and whole cane sugar give this clear liqueur its noble flavour. In an old masterly tradition we produce a coffee-essence of high quality which is the basis for this speciality.

Ingredients: whole cane sugar*°, water, wheat alcohol*, yolk*, egg white*, coffee-essence*°, vanilla-essence*°.

                                (* from organic farming) (° fairly traded)

Advocaat 20 %

This Advocaat is manufactured according to an old german house recipe at low temperature to keep the rich yellow colour of the organic eggs. It is refined with a hint of bourbon vanilla and has a smooth, sweet and rich flavour.

Ingredients: sugar*, yolk*, water, wheat alcohol*, egg white*, vanilla-essence*°.

                                (* from organic farming) (° fairly traded)

Amaretto Liqueur 20 %

A noble composition of bitter almonds, finest caramel and carefully selected bourbon vanilla are the ingredients for this smooth and very polished almond liqueur. A specialty in combination with champagne or lemon juice and crushed ice.

Ingredients: water, sugar*, wheat alcohol*, almond distillate, vanilla-essence*°, caramel*.

                                (* from organic farming) (° fairly traded)